Can two people go on a Lime scooter?

Can two people go on a Lime scooter?

Introducing Group Ride, a new feature from Lime that allows riders to unlock up to five electric scooters on the same host account. Simply tap “Group Ride” located directly above the “Scan To Ride” button in your Lime app to get started.

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Are you allowed two people on a scooter?

Always ride solo – e-scooters are not built for two people, so no additional passengers are permitted by law. Never ride under the influence – don.t use a rental e-scooter if under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or have medical restrictions or exceptions. This puts you and others at risk of death or injury.

Can 2 people ride a Bird?

Can I start a Bird Ride for another person? Bird is better together. In select cities, after you start your own ride, you.ll have the ability to unlock multiple Birds for additional riders, even those who do not have the Bird app. Remember, only one person per Bird!28 Sept 2021
Can two people ride a LYFT scooter?
One person per scooter — passengers prohibited.

What is the maximum number of vehicles I can activate with one Neuron Account? You can unlock up to 5 vehicles at the same time when using it for Group Rides, under one Neuron Account.
How many people can sit in a scooter?
As per the road safety laws in India, only two people are allowed to ride on a two wheeler, comprising of the driver and the pillion rider.23 Sept 2021
Are two people allowed on one Lime scooter?
Group Ride is a feature that allows one Lime user to unlock multiple scooters with their account. This allows riders to easily make scooter riding a group activity without tandem riding (one person per scooter, please!). How many scooters can be unlocked with Group Ride? You can unlock up to five scooters at a time.13 Sept 2022
Can two people ride a scooter in Italy?
Can 2 people ride on a scooter? Yes, two people can easily ride a Scooter. Of course anyone can be a passenger, including children (the Italian Law minimum age for child passengers is 6 years old).

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